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Cheese 2017: we’ve raised the bar

Tue 19 September 2017

“We can already say that the 11th edition of Cheese has been the most successful, not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of quality, and the determination with which we’ve upheld our choices,” says Slow Food President Carlo Petrini. “The choice to make the event raw milk only was courageous, and it paid off.”

What Did We Learn at Cheese, and What’s Our Homework For Cheese 2019?

Mon 18 September 2017

It’s a mystery how we have become so disconnected to our sense of taste for good, clean and fair, which we believe we all have within us innately, but we will do our best to help communities across the world to reclaim it.

Cheeses of Far Lands at the Biodiversity House

Mon 18 September 2017

The Biodiversity House was still busy today hosting the representatives of a vast dairy biodiversity across the world that we want to promote here at Cheese. Today we had cheeses of far lands, from Africa and Ukraine to South Africa and Australia.

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