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What Is at Stake When We Talk About Raw Milk?

Fri 21 July 2017

After 20 years of struggle, a strong political signal to create a network of those who continue to produce raw milk cheese, despite the difficulties. From the first edition, Cheese was alongside producers who went against the current by choosing to work with raw milk instead of pasteurized. Raw milk was the theme of the 1997 edition, and since then we have never abandoned it. In 2001, we signed the Manifesto for the protection of raw milk, while last year alone was the petition called for "saving" Joe Schneider, one of England's finest cheesemakers, and his raw milk Stilton.

Four Conferences Not To Miss At Cheese

Thu 20 July 2017

At Cheese we pursue the pleasure of knowledge, as well as the pleasure of taste. Beyond the hundreds of cheeses on offer through the event, there opportunities to learn and to discover through discussion and debate.

The State of Artisan Cheese in Spain: Union of Producers Protects Rich Dairy Heritage

Mon 17 July 2017

In the last edition of Cheese, the Great Hall of Cheeses was featuring 200 types of cheese from Spain, representing the rich dairy biodiversity of the country. Again this year, Spain will be playing an active role at the Biodiversity House, at the taste workshop with the renowned chef Sergi de Méia, and the six stands at the international marketplace.

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