Biodiversity House

A fixture of Cheese has always been the Biodiversity House which, this year as always, will be housed in the large gazebo at the bottom of Via Marconi aka Presidia Street.


This year the House will host a number of different activities, from the usual conferences to strictly natural aperitifs, every evening from 6.30pm. Let’s take a look at what’s in store.

On Saturday, Sunday and Monday from 11.30am, three conferences will deal with subjects particularly close to our heart. No More Nitrites and Nitrates will look at commercial salami produced with a considerable use of these substances as opposed to free, natural salami produced using only natural preservatives, such as salt, pepper, chili, spices and smoke. Good Milk Comes From Good Grass will address the subject of animal feed, outlining a new Slow Food project designed to give opportunities to those who produce milk naturally, by first tending the grass. Last but not least, at European Union: the Common Agricultural Policy and small-scale producers we’ll get to the heart of European policies and the needs of small producers as they emerged from a recent online questionnaire survey carried out by Slow Food across its network.

The 1.30pm slot, from Friday to Monday, provisionally entitled Around the World in 80 Cheeseswill be dedicated to Ark of Taste cheeses. Which ones we’ll be shining the spotlight on, you’ll find out shortly. Suffice it to say that the occasion will involve a lot of traveling: through the pastures of Iran and Georgia, on the road with Spanish drovers, exploring the remotest corners of the planet.

Seeing how the Biodiversity House is so close to Presidia Street, a number of meetings will inevitably speak about this, one of Slow Food’s major historic projects. At Slow Food Presidia: Nice to Meet You you’ll discover lots of new Presidia that have joined the great family recently, but, most of all, you’ll find out that saving a food product also means saving its area of origin and the community that produces it.

The last get-together of the day, Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 6.30pm, will be Natural Aperitifs, which takes its cue—and its ingredients—from the adjacent Free Space where, on display, you’ll find cheese, charcuterie, bread, beer and wine, all produced without selected enzymes, nitrites, nitrates and additives. It’ll be a fantastic opportunity to meet producers, discover their products and hear their stories.


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