The State of Raw Milk in the United States

“It’s impossible to sell raw milk cheese in the US if it hasn’t been aged for more than sixty days, a law from 1947,” said Nora Weiser, opening one of the most important conferences of Cheese to discuss the state of raw milk cheese production in the US.

The 2017 Slow Cheese Awards Go To…

Since 2011, Slow Food has awarded shepherds and craftsmen who reject shortcuts and continue to produce cheese and other food products while preserving naturalness, traditions, and flavors.

Pairing Games: Gelato and Raw Milk Cheeses

Compagnia dei gelatieri offers a rich program full of interesting workshops where unique gelato flavors are paired with various raw milk cheeses from the Cheese market stalls.

Two Apps to Download Before Coming to Cheese

We’d like to remind all the visitors about two tools that will be useful during Cheese. In addition to this website, there are also two apps we recommend.

Spanish Delights Not to Miss at Cheese

No, Spain is not the host country of Cheese this year but, after the country's success at the 2015 event, this year Spanish sheep's milk cheese producers will be out in full force among the Market's stalls, so much so that we recommend that you to start your visit to Cheese with the products of this country.

Do European Policies Support Good, Clean and Fair Food?

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP) is heading towards a new reform, foreseen in 2020. This tool, which represents 37,8% of the EU budget, is still insufficient to support small and medium-scale producers’ needs, despite the numerous rehashes.

Slow Food Presidia: Nice to Meet You!

Cheese wouldn't be Cheese without the Slow Food Presidia. Rare and magnificent products from around the world reflect an incredible biological and cultural diversity of pastures, breeds, traditions and skills.

The Beauty of Community – Interview by Carlo Petrini

This is the beauty of a community: "We take care of each other, and if there's any problem we solve it together." It balances out the difficulties for small-scale producers and lets them survive in an increasingly difficult bureaucratic sector.

Not Just Hops: Herbs and Spices in Brewing

A recent trend in gastronomy is that of foraging for wild herbs, flowers and roots to highlight seasonality and regional biodiversity. The use of herbs, shrubs and forest fruit as flavorings has been one of the main characteristics of brewing for centuries. The first alcoholic drinks, similar to what we call beer today, were already intensely scented with herbs, honey and spices.