What Is at Stake When We Talk About Raw Milk?

After 20 years of struggle, a strong political signal to create a network of those who continue to produce raw milk cheese, despite the difficulties. From the first edition, Cheese was alongside producers who went against the current by choosing to work with raw milk instead of pasteurized. Raw milk was the theme of the 1997 edition, and since then we have never abandoned it. In 2001, we signed the Manifesto for the protection of raw milk, while last year alone was the petition called for "saving" Joe Schneider, one of England's finest cheesemakers, and his raw milk Stilton.

What is New for Raw Milk? – Interview with Jason Hinds

We meet Jason Hinds in Bra. He is the sales director and owner of the place founded in 1997, and is specialized in English cheeses sold in the UK and the rest of the world. We take advantage of the occasion to meet him and talk to him on the hot topics of Cheese 2017.

The Challenge of Natural Cheese

Cheese is life, cheese is emotion. If we pasteurize milk and use selected cultures we lose all this. Let’s conserve natural way of producing that respects the environment, and gives us emotions.

Paired for You: Wine and Cheese at Cheese

The Taste Workshops will take place in the historical cellars of the Wine Bank in Pollenzo, located just a few kilometers from Bra. These eight workshops we offer will pair the best Italian wines with various important cheeses.

Cheese 2017 — A First Tour of Bra

Cheese 2017 offers many alternatives in Bra, with the classics and the new additions. From conferences to workshops, film screenings and tastings, walking around Bra during this international event is a unique experience.

Dutch Rare Cattle Breeds Threatened By Phosphate Laws

In the Netherlands, phosphate restrictions mean farmers may abandon rarer, less productive breeds. Phosphate production is an issue that the European Union takes very seriously, imposing national quotas on Member States that are met with penalties should they exceed them.

Raw Milk Cheese Appreciation Day

Cheesemaking is a truly ancient pastime, predating recorded history. And for the vast majority of that time, all cheese was made using raw milk. With the invention of pasteurization during food’s “industrial revolution” and the subsequent commodification of food as a mass-produced good, raw milk consumption went into steep decline…

Artisanal Cheesemaking in Europe

That hygiene rules for artisanal produce are inadequate is almost unanimously agreed upon. When it comes to milk, the damage done to traditional food heritage has been critical.