Cheese 2017: we’ve raised the bar

“We can already say that the 11th edition of Cheese has been the most successful, not only in terms of numbers, but in terms of quality, and the determination with which we’ve upheld our choices,” says Slow Food President Carlo Petrini. “The choice to make the event raw milk only was courageous, and it paid off.”

Cheeses of Far Lands at the Biodiversity House

The Biodiversity House was still busy today hosting the representatives of a vast dairy biodiversity across the world that we want to promote here at Cheese. Today we had cheeses of far lands, from Africa and Ukraine to South Africa and Australia.

Intuitive Cheesemaking and Having Faith in Fermentation – Discussing Natural Cheesemaking with David Asher

There’s a belief out there that natural cheesemaking practices are inconsistent and unreliable. I don’t believe that. The cultures can be kept and fed for so long and maintain quality, as long as you have quality fresh milk. I’ve been practicing my way with very consistent results. We accepted sourdough as consistent, why can’t we accept the same also for natural cheesemaking?

The Future of Artisan Cheese in the United States

American artisan cheese producers lack sufficient support in the battle of diffusing raw milk cheeses, and promoting quality and biodiversity, two wider concerns closely linked to the use of raw milk. Years ago, the Presidium for American raw milk cheeses was founded and it has been revived in the last few years. David Remolds of Rogue Creamery had initiated the raw milk movement and started the Presidium in collaboration with Slow Food. It took him three years before he received permission to make raw milk cheese. In 2003 Gourmet Foods International joined Cheese with the intention of creating an American artisan cheese presence at the event. There’s still long road to go, but Cheese 2017 gave great support by putting American raw milk cheeses in the spotlight. “Isn’t raw milk like a difficult horse to tame?” Giuseppe Licitra, professor of Products of Animal Origin at the Univesrity of Catania, Italy: “Yes, […]

Urban Foraging: Hidden Botanical Treasures of Bra

There’s a whole world of edible plants all around us, if only we open our eyes to it. That was the main message that the new Dean of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, Andrea Pieroni, had to share in a free tour of Bra that he personally guided as part of Cheese 2017.

The Future of PDO in the Hands of Giants?

“Let’s not beat around the bush: denominations of origin are no longer a mark of quality.” So begins Véronique Richez-Lerouge’s investigative book, Main basse sur les fromages AOP. Comment les multinationales contrôlent nos appelations, and the subsequent pages are no less trenchant.

The State of Raw Milk in the United States

“It’s impossible to sell raw milk cheese in the US if it hasn’t been aged for more than sixty days, a law from 1947,” said Nora Weiser, opening one of the most important conferences of Cheese to discuss the state of raw milk cheese production in the US.

The State of Raw Milk

Slow Food launches an international network of mutual aid to help raw milk cheese producers and confront their common challenges together.