Eight Occasions to Drink Well at Cheese

We chose eight occasions for you to drink well - and responsibly - at Cheese 2017. You'll find local wines, sparkling wines, rums and cocktails. Pairing drinks and cheese is an important tangible tradition of Italian gastronomic heritage. Pairing events always had an important role at Cheese. It couldn't be otherwise, considering the origins of the Slow Food Movement, and the territory that hosts Cheese - the city of Bra set between Langhe and Roero hills, both home to the greatest wines.

Eight Rare Cheeses You Can’t Miss at Cheese

Spiral-shaped, covered with mold, wrapped with wines leaves that were soaked in pear brandy... At Cheese 2017, there are so many choices among the 150 Italian and international exhibitors, affineurs and breeders, Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products. Each one exclusively raw milk, as the theme of this year requires. Take a look at our selection of eight strange and unique cheeses that you can taste in Bra on 15 - 18 September.

Traditional Lambic: The Queen of Naturalness

Lambic is unlike most beers. While most brewers don’t like to leave things up to chance, Lambic producers do not select any yeasts, working with spontaneous fermentation. This beer is entirely a work of nature. Nowadays, Lambic beer survives but is still quite rare. Only two breweries produce it according to the traditional method, and you can get to taste it at Cheese at the workshop the Queen of Naturalness on the 16th of September.

Pleasure of Beer at Cheese: Wood-Aged Beers

Wood has been a material of privilege for thousand of years. Today, since steel and glass make up most of the production, the use of wooden barrels seems strange. Modern inventions made for the sole purpose of emulating the world of wine, is much more enthusiastic about this material.

Four Endangered Italian Sheep You Should Know About

Maybe it is not the favorite of most dairy lovers, but sheep's milk beats cow’s milk in terms of its nutritional value and cheese yields. Sheep’s milk contains much higher levels of protein, iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B12 – a key vitamin for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Some famous sheep cheeses include feta, Roquefort and pecorino Romano. But there’s a much richer and lesser known sheep’s cheese heritage in Italy, and this heritage exists partly thanks to the diversity of Italian sheep breeds.

On Pastures, No Internet – Interview by Carlo Petrini

Denis Duclos is a 23-year-old agricultural entrepreneur. He lives with his parents in Gignod, five minutes to Aosta Valley. These days he is in Pra d'Arc pastures where he produces a truly special Fontina.

Cheese and Health: Two Sides Of The Same Caciotta

But what approach allows us to combine taste and health, without dragging us towards the marketing-oriented dairy products? Can we achieve a balanced supply to our needs by choosing only quality products? We discussed it with Andrea Pezzana, dietitian and nutritionist at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin and health responsible of Slow Food Italy:

The Lost Art of Transhumance – The Balkans and Slovakia at Cheese

The twentieth edition is already here, and we proudly continue to host peculiar cheeses which represent the remaining transhumance culture in Eastern Europe: Tcherni Vit green cheese from Bulgaria and Bucegi Mountains Brânzá de Burduf from Romania, both Slow Food Presidia. From Slovakia, three ambassadors of Ark of Taste will be starring at the Taste Workshop Slovakia: Cheese and Beer, Pastures and Flowers.

Four Endangered Italian Cow Breeds You Should Know About

We all can name a few Italian cheeses. But how many of us can name the cows they come from? In 1985, the Italian Registry Office for native breeds listed sixteen breeds in need of protection. Many of them are already on board the Ark of Taste or form Presidia, and Slow Food promotes their cheeses through events like Cheese.

Four Conferences Not To Miss At Cheese

At Cheese we pursue the pleasure of knowledge, as well as the pleasure of taste. Beyond the hundreds of cheeses on offer through the event, there opportunities to learn and to discover through discussion and debate.