Four Simple Tips for Choosing Good Raw Milk Cheese

We now know that in the 1960s the sugar industry paid scientists to demonize fat. What if the corruption is still going on, and in another 20 years new “facts” will come to light? How can we trust the purchasing choices we are making, when we are constantly exposed to contradicting opinions?

Slow Food Presidia: Nice to Meet You!

Cheese wouldn't be Cheese without the Slow Food Presidia. Rare and magnificent products from around the world reflect an incredible biological and cultural diversity of pastures, breeds, traditions and skills.

Boeren Leyden: One of Netherlands’ Oldest Cheeses

On June 25th, Slow Food Netherlands launched the Traditional Boeren Leyden Presidium during the Slow Food in the Park event, a festival held to celebrate the diversity of the Slow Food network and spread the message of good, clean and fair food.

The Beauty of Community – Interview by Carlo Petrini

This is the beauty of a community: "We take care of each other, and if there's any problem we solve it together." It balances out the difficulties for small-scale producers and lets them survive in an increasingly difficult bureaucratic sector.

The Story of a Rebel Cheese: Bitto Storico

The original Bitto has been produced in the valleys of the Bitto River, the Gerola and the Albaredo in Lombardy. Bitto cheesemakers work at mountain dairies at altitudes between 1400 and 2000 meters. Over many years they preserved traditional practices that gives an identity to this cheese.

Your Vocabulary For Tasting Cheese

Love tasting cheese, but lack the right vocabulary to describe the goodness? The flavor of cheese depends on many factors, from what the animals were fed to the type of bacteria present during aging. The many microorganisms and chemical compounds compose a different symphony each time, resulting in unique cheeses that reflect the biodiversity of land and the cheesemaker’s style.

Cheese Nostalgia: 11 Cheeses that Have Made Slow Food History

It was twenty years ago when Cheese was held for the very first time in Bra, the small town in Piedmont that is home to Slow Food. Cheese grew and grew, becoming the largest event in the world dedicated to extraordinary artisan cheese and cheesemakers. Each past edition has featured cheeses that Slow Food has discovered, promoted and worked to save. Here are eleven of the most important, which have given life and strength to the Slow Cheese campaign over the last twenty years:

Not Just Hops: Herbs and Spices in Brewing

A recent trend in gastronomy is that of foraging for wild herbs, flowers and roots to highlight seasonality and regional biodiversity. The use of herbs, shrubs and forest fruit as flavorings has been one of the main characteristics of brewing for centuries. The first alcoholic drinks, similar to what we call beer today, were already intensely scented with herbs, honey and spices.

Three Turkish Cheeses That Might Go Extinct

As food-safety regulations are increasingly designed to suit big businesses, protecting a cheese that was wrapped around animal skins and aged in a cave requires some courage. Many peculiar Turkish cheeses are in desperate need of a trademark.