Bra and Pollenzo

This year Cheese will be spread over two different venues: Bra and Pollenzo. A special shuttle service will take you from one to the other, so you can create your own program and move around easily without using your car.

In Bra

If you’ve been here before, you’ll already know that Cheese in Bra is a walkabout event and that in the radius of a few kilometers, meters even, you can see and do all sorts of things.

Via della Mendicità Istruita – Casa Slow Food

The Slow Food association is thrilled to welcome you to its home in Via della Mendicità Istruita. Our long-standing headquarters are located here, at number 14, and for some months now this historic site has been officially ours, as on April 18 the contract was signed to acquire it. This is of enormous value to Slow Food. For the first time at Cheese, the association’s activities will be held right here in the Casa Slow Food, specifically in the beautiful street on which the Casa stands.

Piazza Carlo Alberto, Piazza Roma, Via Audisio – the Italian and International Market, Selezionatori & Affineur Avenue

Cheesemakers and other food producers will be bringing their finest specialties from all over Italy and abroad. All the cheese on show will be made exclusively with raw milk, a first for Cheese and a point worth remembering. Besides producers, you’ll meet the Via degli affineurs e dei selezionatori.

Via Principi di Piemonte and Via Marconi – Cheese Presidia

One of the most popular destinations at Cheese is always the stands of the Italian and international cheese Presidia, Slow Food’s projects to protect traditional techniques, native breeds, artisanal products and rural landscapes. This year there will be many classics and some delicious new arrivals from Italy and other countries too. Only at Cheese can you find so much cheese biodiversity concentrated in one place. Don’t miss it!

Scuole Maschili Courtyard and Piazzetta Valfrè di Bonzo (Mercato dei Polli/Poultry Market) – Biodiversity House, Natural Space, Presidia Café, Pizza Square and Street Food

New this year is the Natural Space in Piazzetta Valfrè di Bonzo, a space dedicated to products made naturally, without artificial additives—raw-milk cheeses made without commercial starter cultures, cured meats free from nitrites and nitrates, sourdough bread and pizza and wild-yeast-fermented Lambic beer. Next door, the Biodiversity House will as usual be hosting a packed program of conferences, Natural Aperitif and events to introduce new Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products from around the world.

The ever-popular Pizza Square will also be making a reappearance, dedicated to one of Italy’s most famous exports. At Cheese you can sample many variations on the classic in the Scuole Maschili courtyard, taking a journey from the north to the south of the peninsula with five master piazzaioli who will be taking turns in front of the oven, skillfully pairing flavors from their native lands. Piedmont, Veneto, Lazio, Campania and Calabria will all be represented. A number of Street Food stands can also be found in the Scuole Maschili courtyard.

Via Cavour and Via Vittorio – Cinema Vittoria and Cinema Impero

Cheese is also on screen this year! In collaboration with Cinemambiente and the Vittoria and Impero cinemas, we are putting together a special program of films and documentaries with an environmental theme.

Corso Garibaldi Covered Market Portico – Great Hall of Cheese and Enoteca

Head here for a truly great selection of cheeses: from the United States, France, Spain, Portugal, the UK and many other countries, as well as many Italian Presidia and other rare specialties, to be paired with wines selected by the Wine Bank and Slow Wine. It takes 3 minutes to walk the length of the Great Hall, but we recommend you plan a stay of at least an hour…

The Great Hall of Cheese is Cheese’s Wunderkammer, a cabinet of curiosities showcasing hundreds of treasures from around the world. We particularly recommend trying some of the cheeses on offer from the United States, this year’s guest of honor; there will be 15 different kinds available. You’ll be sure to find the ideal pairing from among the 600 Italian wines being poured at the Enoteca, skillfully selected by the Pollenzo Wine Bank and presented by FISAR-qualified sommeliers. Once again this year, thanks to a collaboration with the local Bra association for celiacs, tastings can be accompanied by a special selection of gluten-free products.

Piazza XX Settembre – Partner Stands, Slow Food Editore Bookshop, University of Gastronomic Sciences Stand, Gelato Square

Discover the event partners and participate in their specially organized activities, browse the latest titles published by Slow Food Editore or take part in the many events and workshops run by University of Gastronomic Sciences students and professors: All this and more in Piazza XX Settembre.

If you want to find out what makes an authentic gelato, then head to the Gelato Square. This is the place to discover how really good gelato is made, starting with the very best ingredients—like milk, of course.

Palazzo Garrone Courtyard – Cheese Box

The courtyard of the Palazzo Garrone will host conferences organized in collaboration with La Stampa on topical themes from the morning’s newspaper, while in the afternoon it will transform into a lounge area with live music.

Piazza Spreitenbach – Street Food, Food Trucks, Beer Square

Thanks to the Street Food stands, Food Trucks and Beer Square, where dozens of Italian craft breweries will have their beers on tap, you can have great fun trying out different pairings.

Bra Railway Station – Press Office and B2B Area

The communication and press office, housed in the train station’s Movicentro building, will be one of the event’s “early risers.” During Cheese it’ll be churning out articles, posts and tweets, though as you can see, we’re on the job already.
The B2B area, organized by foodMOOD and reserved for professionals in the sector, is also located at the Movicentro.

In Pollenzo

Six kilometers from Bra, Pollenzo is the other main hub of Cheese 2017 activities, playing host to Taste Workshops at the Wine Bank, Dinner Dates at the Albergo dell’Agenzia hotel and Sensory Analysis Labs in the University lecture halls … plus other surprises that we’ll be revealing soon.

At Cheese there’s always something to do.

 The Italian and International Market will be open every day from 10am to 8.30pm.
The Via dei Presìdi will follow the same timetable, every day from 10am to 8.30pm.
The Street Kitchens, Food Trucks, Beer Piazza and Pizza Piazza will be open from Friday to Sunday, from 12 noon to 12 midnight , and on Monday from 12 noon to 8.30pm.

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