16 September

Around The World In 80 Cheeses – Spain’s Heroes

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

There are 276 cheeses cataloged on the Ark of Taste, and week by week the inventory expands with new cheeses, so different among themselves, but all deeply connected to their lands of origin.

During this workshop you will be able to discover exceptional cheeses from Spain such as Queso de Guía Trashumante, Queso Palmero de Manada and raw milk Requeixo, produced in special conditions and therefore need “exceptions” to fully meet the criteria of European legislation. Indeed, the cheeses were granted the attention they needed from the authorities, and are no longer illegal although they are aged less than two months.

Free entrance while seats last. 

To pair, Triple A wines by Velier:
Esencia Rural de Sol a Sol Dulce Natural,
Barranco Oscuro Varetuo 2015,
Esencia Rural Pampaneo Airen Ecologico,
  • Isidoro Jiménez Pérez, cheesemaker and technician at Consejería de agricultura del Gobierno de Canarias, Spain
  • María Orzáez, cheesemaker, owner of Lácteos Mare-Nostrum, Spain
  • Antonio Javier González Díaz, technician at Cabildo de La Palma, cheesemaker, and author of “Cáscaras y Empleitas: la cultura quesera tradicional de la isla de La Palma“, Spain
  • Ana Vence Permuy, responsible of the producers’ cooperative Campo Capela, Spain
  • Germán García, cheesemaker at Cortes de Muar, Spain

Moderator: Maria Remedios Carrasco Sanchez, coordinator of Red Española de Queserías de Campo y Artesanas in collaboration with Slow Food.

16 September

13:30 - 15:00