18 September

Around The World In 80 Cheeses – Far Lands

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

There are 276 cheeses cataloged on the Ark of Taste, and week by week the inventory expands with new cheeses, so different among themselves, but all deeply connected to their lands of origin. We’ll talk about Ark of Taste cheeses and more in a space where biodiversity reigns supreme, taking you on a journey from the pastures of Iran and Georgia to Spain. We’ll explore the world of dairy in some of the planet’s remotest places.

We’ll begin with Carpathian Mountains, the biggest mountain range in Europe after the Alps. Here in the Zakarpattia Oblast province in Ukraine, indigenous communities produce cheese. Some of their cheeses are on board Ark of Taste.

Then we’ll move on to Cape Verde‘s Santo Antão Island where few producers make cheese in the challenging climatic conditions of the volcanic mountain range Planalto Norte. We will be tasting their Slow Food Presidia raw milk goat cheeses.

The third land is South Africa, where breeders and producers have been gradually moving towards the use of taw milk. Many of their cheeses form Presidia.

We’ll finish our journey with Australia’s typical raw milk cheeses and France’s Rove Brousse goat cheeses, Slow Food Presidia.

Free entry while seats last. 

Event supported by the Region of Piedmont.

To pair, Triple A wines by Velier:
Dettori Renosu Rosso,
Archetipo Primitivo 2011,
Slavcek Belo 2015,


18 September

13:30 - 15:00