15 September

Around The World In 80 Cheeses – Towards Aegea and Anatolia

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

There are 276 cheeses cataloged on the Ark of Taste, and week by week the inventory expands with new cheeses, so different among themselves, but all deeply connected to their lands of origin. We’ll talk about Ark of Taste cheeses and more in a space where biodiversity reigns supreme, taking you on a journey from the pastures of Iran and Georgia to Spain, exploring the world of dairy in some of the planet’s remotest places.

While much is known about the cheeses of Western Europe, there are very complex and ancient dairy traditions throughout Anatolia, the Near East, the Caucasus, and India. In a journey starting from the Aegean coast, crossing east across the lands of nomadic pastoralists in the Elburz mountains and the alpine shepherds of the Caucasus, down to the  frontiers of traditional cheese-making in the Indian Subcontinent, Slow Food aims to provide a short introduction to these fascinating gastronomic worlds, all-too-often ignored, exploring their peculiarities, potential and the threats they face.

Free entry with donation. Revenues will be used to finance Slow Food’s new international campaign on climate change, “Menu for Change”.  

To pair, Triple A wines by Velier:
Bitarishvili Chardakhi 2015
Hirsch Keten Gomlek (B) 2014
Nika Saperavi Amor 2013
  • Iago Bitarishvili, producer of Georgian wine in jars Presidium
  • Lale Kuseyrioglu, artisanal raw milk cheese producer, Turkey
  • Mahdi Poodineh, responsible of Slow Food Tehran Markazi convivium, Iran
  • Aditya Raghavan, dairy expert, India
  • Udo Hirsch, natural wine producer at Gelveri Manufactur, Turkey
  • Kakha Abulidze, producer of Tushuri Guda (Ark of Taste), Georgia
  • Nino Katchiuri, producer of Sulguni, Georgia
  • Ana Mikadze-Chikvaidze, cheese expert, Georgia

Moderator: Michele Rumiz, area coordinator for Slow Food International

15 September

13:30 - 15:00