17 September

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Pollenzo-Banca del Vino

Two areas of Montalcino that encapsulate a unique territory with different production methods, which affect the characteristics of this great Tuscan red. Col d’Orcia owes its name to the Orcia River and is located in southwestern Montalcino, overlooking Grosseto; Nardi is on the opposite side of the river on the east, facing Pienza. We’ll be tasting three great millesimi: 1999, 2006 and 2010 of these two grand crus to understand the importance of their terroir. Poggio al Vento by Col d’Orcia will be compared with Nardi’s Manachiara Vineyard. To accompany the wine there will be brown cow Parmigiano Reggiano at various ages of maturation.

Six kilometers from Bra, Pollenzo is the other main hub of Cheese 2017 activities. A special shuttle service will take you from Bra to Pollenzo, so you can create your own program and move around easily without using your car.

This Taste Workshops has been designed exclusively for Slow Food members. The non-member cost includes the Slow Food member card, which will be given to you during Cheese.

17 September

16:00 - 17:30

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