18 September

From the CAP to Hygiene Rules: Needs of Small-scale Producers in the EU

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

To understand their needs better, Slow Food has launched a direct consultation with all the producers of its network in seven European countries, involving other associations that work in the sector at local level. Conducted with an online questionnaire, the initiative aims to give voice to farmers and food producers and allow them to express their opinions on the policies that concern them and the critical problems that hamper their activity. These include hygiene regulations which, albeit obviously necessary, are complicated and often hard for small producers to comply with. At this workshop we’ll be analyzing the first results of the consultation and presenting the European Guide to good hygiene practices in the production of artisan cheeses and dairy products, produced by FACE network and endorsed by the European Commission.

Free admission while seats last.


  • Vujadin Kovacevic, Policy Officer (Directorate-General for the Environment  – European Commission) 
  • Grazia Invidiata, producer who participated in the Common Agricultural Policy survey, Italy
  • Kerstin Jürss, producer who participated in the Common Agricultural Policy survey, Sweden
  • Evi and Chris Opulos, cheesemakers from Greece
  • Yolande Moulem, Coordinator of FACE network, France
  • Carolina Modena, Project Manager for CAP survey

    Moderator: Marta Messa, Area Coordinator at Slow Food International

18 September

11:30 - 13:00