16 September

From the Caribbean to Mountain Pastures: Rhums and Natural Cheeses – Sold out

BRA-Cortile delle Scuole Maschili

Natural cheeses and rhums agricoles share more than one point in common. The former express all the purity of the raw milk of animals that graze in mountain pastures, processed without the addition of selected enzymes, the latter the purity of the juice of heirloom organic sugar cane, cut by hand, transported by oxen, crushed in wood mills, fermented spontaneously and distilled in pot stills using the discontinuous method. These are the Pure Single Rhum Agricoles that Velier has been selecting for 70 years from the finest Caribbean distilleries: the Clairins of Haiti, the Rhum Rhums of Marie Galante, Esprit de Neisson Bio and Coeur de Chauffe by Saint-James, both produced on Martinique. Each of these authentic, pure rums will be served here with a specially chosen natural cheese.

16 September

19:00 - 20:30

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