15 September

Giuseppe Rambaldi: An Evolving Journey – Sold out

Pollenzo-Albergo dell'Agenzia

Giuseppe Rambaldi has put in his time. After 18 years as Davide Scabin’s lieutenant at Combal.Zero in Rivoli, earning a reputation as one of Italian fine dining’s best second-in-commands, he left to run his own restaurant. Originally from Emilia-Romagna and now Piedmontese by adoption, his new place, set to open at the end of 2017 somewhere in Piedmont, will bring together the traditions of these two regions, evolving them into something new and fantastical. For Cheese 2017, he will offer a taster of his style, both traditional and innovative, with a menu in which nothing is what it seems. A unique experience, in which all the senses will be put to the test and deliciousness goes arm-in-arm with amazement, highlighting how often we take food for granted or pay it little attention.

15 September

20:30 - 0:00

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