17 September

Good Milk Comes From The Grass 

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

It might seem trivial, but the industrialization of animal husbandry is distancing our daily cappuccino ever further from the grassy pastures we see in milk advertising. Concentrated feed, maize silage, imported hay, genetically-modified soy… Thanks to this standardized diet, milk produced in Romania is no different than the milk produced in the Po Valley. But something is changing: from Austria to the UK and Brussels. And in Italy, Slow Food is launching a new project to support the people producing milk, naturally, from grass.

Free entrance while seats last. 


  • Giampiero Lombardi, Associate Professor at the Department of Agricultural, Forestry, and Food Sciences at the University of Turin
  • Russ Kerrington, Pasture-Fed Livestock Association, UK
  • Giampaolo Gaiarin, Edmund Mach foundation, dairy technician and responsible of Slow Food Presidia in Trentino, Italy
  •  Claudia Masera, breeder, owner of Roseleto farm, Italy

    Moderator: Gaetano Pascale, president of Slow Food Italy

17 September

11:30 - 13:00