17 September

Good Things Await

BRA-Cinema Vittoria – Via Cavour, 20

Niels is one of the most idealistic farmers in the agricultural country of Denmark. He makes some of the world’s finest products, praised by the consumers, prized by the world’s best restaurant, NOMA in Copenhagen, and nursed in harmony with the universe. But Niels’ ways of farming in accordance with the planet and the primal instincts of the animals are not too popular among authorities. They are threatening to withdraw his license to breed cattle, the buildings are deteriorating, and there is nobody to take over. Niels risks seeing his life fall apart. Phie Ambo follows their struggle to make sure that they are not the last to do agriculture the way they do, but some of the first.

Director: Phie Ambo

Denmark, 2014, 119’


Tickets can be purchased directly at the cinema for a cost of 4,5 euro. This price includes the tasting that will take place at the end of the screening.

17 September

18:00 - 19:30