15 September

Gravner’s World – Sold out

BRA-Cortile delle Scuole Maschili

We could speak for hours, days even, about Josko Gravner, about the story of his winery and how, over the years, his wines have become living legends. He and his family live in Oslavia, a village near Gorizia on the eastern outcrops of the Collio hills, and what really makes them stand apart is their approach to the world. In constant pursuit of total harmony with the land and nature, they follow the seasons and the changes they bring, with respect for the local flora and fauna. As they see it, their job is not to force or modify or build things, but rather to guide, to tend, to serve and, sometimes, to wait, serenely mindful of life itself. All Gravner’s operations—from vineyard to cellar, from amphorae to the wait for the wine to age to perfection—are geared to this goal. You can hear all about his world view in this exceptional tasting of Ribolla 2009, 2007, 2002 (in magnums) and Rosso Breg 2004.

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15 September

16:00 - 17:30

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