17 September

Locale del Buon Formaggio (Good Cheesemonger Award)

BRA-Teatro Politeama Boglione

The Good Cheesemonger Award (“Locale del Buon Formaggio”) returns for the 20th anniversary edition of Cheese, a firm point of reference for all dairy fans. The prize was born in 1997 to promote the stores, restaurants, retailers, as found in the new edition of Osterie d’Italia 2018 – which offer the very best selections of cheese made with raw milk and from small-scale producers. During the presentation we’ll talk about what it takes to promote a high-quality selection of cheeses in a store or restaurant. Are you ready to learn who the winners are, and what they’ve done to deserve the prize?

Free entry while seats last.

Roberto Fiori, journalist for La Stampa
Greetings from Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food
Piero Sardo, President of Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
Gaetano Pascale, President of Slow Food Italy
Bruna Sibille, Mayor of Bra
Giorgio Ferrero, Agricultural Assessor at the Region of Piedmont
Eugenio Signoroni, Slow Food Editore
Producer affected by the earthquake

17 September

15:00 - 17:00