16 September

Neapolitans in Milan – Pizza Stories

BRA-Piazza della Pizza – Cortile Scuole Maschili

Born in 2014, the daZero pizzeria has established itself in a very short time thanks to the stubbornness of its three young partners Paolo De Simone, Carmine Mainenti and Giuseppe Boccia. Giuseppe Vesi is the heir to a long family tradition that he has decided to innovate with gourmet pizzas, accompanied by his family and his children, who have always worked with him at the pizzeria.

What do Paolo De Simone and Giuseppe Vesi have in common? Simple: both of them came with their doughs in their luggage, to open their own place in Milan.

To pair with their pizzas, sparkling wines from Consorzio Alta Langa.

16 September

18:30 - 19:30

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