16 September

Natural Aperitif – Cured Meats Free of Additives

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

Every evening, at the Biodiversity House, l’aperitivo al naturale (natural happy hour). Cheeses made with raw milk, cured meats made without nitrites or nitrates, wine without sulfites and selected yeasts. Every day there will be different producers present with their products and the stories behind them.

Today’s meeting focuses on “salami as it once was”: cured meats without nitrites and nitrates. Nowadays the use of these additives seem indispensable. However, for centuries, cured meats used to be produced only with natural preservatives such as salt, pepper and smoke.

In post-war industrialism the use of nitrites and nitrates became so common that even many artisans today think they are irreplaceable. There are still few producers who use only natural preservatives and we’ll taste them to perceive the differences. In addition to this meeting, natural cured meats will also be starring at the Free Space along with many natural wines available to taste.

Event is free entry including a tasting. To pair, Rodenbach beer by Roeselare (Belgium). Donation revenues will be used to finance Slow Food’s new international campaign on climate change, “Menu for Change”.

Speaker: Valter Bordo, Slow Food

16 September

18:30 - 20:00