17 September

Natural Aperitif – Cheeses Free of Selected Cultures

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

Every evening, at the Biodiversity House, l’aperitivo al naturale (natural happy hour). Cheeses made with raw milk, cured meats made without nitrites or nitrates, wine without sulfites and selected yeasts. Every day there will be different producers present with their products and the stories behind them.

Milk has become too sterilized. Once, in a milliliter of milk there would be a million bacteria, 800.000 of which were lactic acid bacteria. Today these numbers are much lower: a milliliter of milk contains less than 100.000 bacteria, of which less than 20.000 is lactic acid, sometimes none. To overcome this bacterial poverty, most use selected cultures prepared by five multinationals in order to standardize, homogenize, and regulate taste.

There are still alternatives to cheeses made with this ready mix of cultures, thanks to producers who respect biodiversity and don’t want to standardize taste. We’ll discuss this topic with Piero Sardo, author of Natural Cheeses published by Slow Food Editore and President of Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity. In addition to this event, natural cheeses will be starring also at the Free Space.

Event is free entry including a tasting. Donation revenues will be used to finance Slow Food’s new international campaign on climate change, “Menu for Change”.

17 September

18:30 - 20:00