16 September

No More Nitrites And Nitrates 

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

Nitrites and nitrates are found in the vast majority of industrial meat products – sausages, cured meats, canned meats – but also in dairy products. They preserve foodstuffs from microbial contamination, but they are also used to change their consistency and appearance, making red meat redder, for example. The dosage is often excessive, to the detriment of the product’s quality and indeed, our health. Today the use of these additives is taken for granted, forgetting that cured meats were produced for centuries using only natural preservatives like salt, pepper, chili, spices and smoke. Behind these “free” meats there is a completely different philosophy, which strives to offer the most natural product possible.

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16 September

11:30 - 13:00