18 September

Pure and Simple: Prosciutto, Culatello and Other Raw Hams

BRA-Cortile delle Scuole Maschili

The production of raw hams is common in very few nations: Italy, Spain, France and Portugal being the most important. However, they don’t all avoid the use of nitrites and nitrates. This workshop is devoted to chemical-free sensory excellence. Starting with prosciutto of the Nebrodi Black Pig (Slow Food Presidium) and San Daniele, Zibello Culatello from Emilia Romagna and Belmonte Gammune (both Slow Food Presidia), continuing with ham from the Noir de Bigorre pig (Slow Food Presidium) and products from the Iberian Peninsula.


18 September

13:00 - 14:30

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35 €
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30 €