17 September

The Taste of Raw Milk to the Nomads of Sahara

BRA-Stand Università di Scienze Gastronomiche – Piazza XX Settembre

Dromedary camel’s raw milk has been central to the culture and survival of Saharan nomadic peoples for centuries. It is only with the dromedaries and their milk that man has managed to survive in an environment poor in water and resources such as the Sahara, constantly moving in search of pasture plants.

Saharan nomads recognize the plants eaten by the camels, the pasture areas where those plants are present, and the seasons that pass by the succession of flavors in milk, due to the seasonality of different plants with different aromatic compounds.

These dairy sources and their flavors, day after day, represent a “sensory map” of the territory and its seasons, and are at the basis of the social organization and the cultural identity of the Sahara nomads.

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Speaker: Gabriele Volpato, UniSG

17 September

16:00 - 17:00