15 September

Shepherds: A Story from Piedmont

BRA-Cinema Vittoria – Via Cavour, 20

The Upper Langhe hills, the Langhe hills around Asti, the high mountains in the province of Cuneo and Biella in Piedmont are the dwelling places of the shepherds presented in this documentary. For centuries, they have lived there in perfect harmony with the earth and their flocks. Filmed between summer and autumn, on the occasion of the sheep and goat fairs of Murazzano, Roccaverano, Ternengo and Vinadio breeds, Shepherds is the sketch of a lively and productive world. It did not forget its ancient traditions and it refuses to be relegated to the past, or to a folklore dimension. Thus, for shepherds these fairs have become a unique opportunity to meet the public and make their products known.

Director: Paolo Casalis

Italy, 20016, 30’

Produced by the Region of Piedmont

Trailer: https://vimeo.com/160224369

Tickets can be purchased directly at the cinema for a cost of 4,5 euro. This price includes the tasting that will take place at the end of the screening.

15 September

19:00 - 20:00