15 September

Slovakia: Cheese and Beer, Pastures and Flowers

BRA-Istituto Alberghiero Velso Mucci

A workshop dedicated to the virgin soils of the Tatra National Park and the Podpol’anie region, respectively in northern and central Slovakia. Here the hills and mountains provide the ideal environment for the production of specialties such as Zázrivský Korbácik, a steamed cow’s milk cheese with an unusual braided whip-like shape; Ovčia Bryndza Liptovská, a sheep’s cheese produced at least since the 18th century; and Parenica, made with the raw milk of local sheep breeds.

The three cheeses, ambassadors of the Slovakian Ark of Taste, will be served for tasting with Honey Ale-Romuald beer, brewed with the addition of mountain flower honey from the Pieniny national park.

This workshop is also an opportunity to taste a unique fir honey from Slovakia: Medovica Jedľová (pure fir honey produced mainly from Cinara pectinatae).

The honey is rich in minerals and trace elements, and is a honey that does not come from the nectar of flowers like other honeys. It is made of the sweet juice produced by the aphids. Medovica Jedľová honey is valued by the world’s highest awards and has become a world reference honey.

15 September

19:00 - 20:30

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