16 September

Slow Food Presidia: Nice To Meet You! – Pureness of Rhum

BRA-Casa della Biodiversità - Via Marconi

Do you now want to know all the latest news about Slow Food Presidia? The Biodiversity House is the place for you. There are lots of surprises in store, both to be heard and tasted, as we discover how saving a product also means saving its land of origin, and the community that produces it.

Today we’ll take you to Haiti, thanks to Velier that always explores lost lands and rare distilleries with an insatiable thirst. Rhum agricoles are obtained from pure, non-diluted, organic sugar cane of ancient varieties, hand-cut, transported on the backs of oxen, crushed in wooden mills, spontaneously fermented and distilled in alembic pots consistent with a Slow Food approach. Seeing their work, Slow Food has launched the Presidium for Clairin Rhum from Haiti, which will be paired with cheeses chosen for this occasion.

Free entry with donation. Revenues will be used to finance Slow Food’s new international campaign on climate change, “Menu for Change”.

Rhums offered: Clairin Vaval, Clairin Sajous, Clairin Casimir


  • Luca Gargano, founder of Triple A and president of Velier.
  • Piero Sardo, president of Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity.

16 September

16:00 - 17:30