17 September

The Human Factor: Women and Men in Agriculture

BRA-Cinema Vittoria – Via Cavour, 20

The human factor in agriculture is still irreplaceable. This film tells the story of men and women breeding cows, growing vines and fruits only manually in order to obtain an excellent product. Even international markets wouldn’t be possible without manual work and ancient techniques. Manual skills however are not only to ensure quality and sell better. They are also the recognition of a history and a tradition handed down for centuries. Manual work is a way to promote an identity that mechanization threatens. The documentary gives voice to the protagonists that want to continue with tradition to guarantee quality and excellence, not caring about the daily sacrifices and the difficulties that sometimes occur along this path.

Watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/222201630

Director: Stefano Rogliatti

Italy, 2017, 30’

Produced by the Region of Piedmont


The film will be presented by:

Stefano Rogliatti, director

Giorgio Ferrero, Agricultural Assessor, Hunting and Fishing – Region of Piedmont

Tickets can be purchased directly at the cinema for a cost of 4,5 euro. This price includes the tasting that will take place at the end of the screening.

17 September

17:30 - 18:30