17 September

The Natural Challenge 

BRA-Palco - Piazza Caduti per la Libertà

Most cheeses, even those made with raw milk, even those made in mountain huts, use starter cultures selected and produced by a handful of multinationals, which contribute to the gradual extinction of natural cultures. This is a loss of biodiversity, and though it might not be so immediately evident, it is extremely serious. It also represents a lost connection between cheeses and their territories where they are produced, not to mention a loss of taste as, inevitably, commercially-sold enzymes tend to flatten and standardize the flavor of cheese. Solutions exist and they’re within our reach, though they do require more time, more knowledge, and more work.

Free entrance while seats last.
In case of bad weather the conference will be held in the Fondazione CRB Auditorium.

Moderator: Piero Sardo, President of Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity
Giampaolo Gaiarin, Edmund Mach Foundation, dairy technician and responsible of Slow Food Presidia in Trentino (Italy)
Bronwen Percival, Neal’s Yard Dairy, buyer and co-founder of MicrobialFoods.org and London Gastronomy Seminars (UK)
Giancarlo Coghetto, AVA Veneto, responsible of quality services and food security, technical manager at Fattorie di sapori veneti
Igino Morini, Consortium for Parmigiano Reggiano

17 September

10:30 - 12:00