15 September

The State Of Raw Milk 

BRA-Teatro Politeama Boglione

The State of Raw Milk is the most important international gathering on raw-milk cheese.

Twenty years ago, Cheese started with raw milk. It makes more sense than ever to return to this theme today, inviting producers, experts, journalists and whoever is interested in the topic to take part in a journey that will ideally start from Bra and spread throughout the world. In the afternoon we’ll be taking the pulse of the situation: at what stage of the battle are we? Is raw milk still subject to criticism and discrimination? Will natural cheeses and animal welfare be the great challenges of the future? Is it possible, and on what basis, to refound the movement for raw milk cheeses? From Italy to the United States, from France to the Balkans and elsewhere in the world, the experiences and reflections of the producers that have decided to swim against the tide?

The meeting on Friday September 15, at 2.30 pm, will be moderated by Piero Sardo, the Slow Food Foundation for Biodiversity president, and will be opened by Slow Food’s president, Carlo Petrini.

Free entrance while seats last.

15 September

14:30 - 17:30