16 September

Round Table: Sheep Transhumance in Northern Apennines and Piedmontese Alps

BRA-Stand Università di Scienze Gastronomiche – Piazza XX Settembre

Some contingencies at risk of extinction of Apennine sheep breeds  (Marana sheep, Genoese Casalinna), and of Alps (Brigasca sheep, Sambucana sheep etc.) related to small scale dairy productions. They are crucial to preserve mountain diets.

A look at the transhumance systems in the past shows how these past livestock movements have modeled, in a specific and unique way, the forms and environmental contents of alpine pastures, winter pastures, and the landscapes of viticulture.

Free entry while seats last.


Luisa Sturani, Università di Torino

Diego Moreno Lasa, Università di Genova

Roberta Cevasco, UniSG

16 September

12:00 - 13:00