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Dairy Industry and Climate Change

In 2010, the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nation (FAO) published “Greenhouse Gas Emissions from the Dairy Sector”, the first product of a much wider study that aims to analyze the livestock sector’s contribution to climate change. It is now known that 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions come from the livestock industry – the largest share among all human activities that encourage climate change.

Cheese and Biodiversity – On the War Against Bacteria

Raw milk is a food full of life, with microorganisms that give diverse characteristics to each cheese, and preserve its nutritional value. When milk is pasteurized, the applied heat kills the microorganisms, reduces the vitamins and proteins as well—killing the life in it.

Dutch Rare Cattle Breeds Threatened By Phosphate Laws

In the Netherlands, phosphate restrictions mean farmers may abandon rarer, less productive breeds. Phosphate production is an issue that the European Union takes very seriously, imposing national quotas on Member States that are met with penalties should they exceed them.