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Eight Occasions to Drink Well at Cheese

We chose eight occasions for you to drink well - and responsibly - at Cheese 2017. You'll find local wines, sparkling wines, rums and cocktails. Pairing drinks and cheese is an important tangible tradition of Italian gastronomic heritage. Pairing events always had an important role at Cheese. It couldn't be otherwise, considering the origins of the Slow Food Movement, and the territory that hosts Cheese - the city of Bra set between Langhe and Roero hills, both home to the greatest wines.

Eight Rare Cheeses You Can’t Miss at Cheese

Spiral-shaped, covered with mold, wrapped with wines leaves that were soaked in pear brandy... At Cheese 2017, there are so many choices among the 150 Italian and international exhibitors, affineurs and breeders, Slow Food Presidia and Ark of Taste products. Each one exclusively raw milk, as the theme of this year requires. Take a look at our selection of eight strange and unique cheeses that you can taste in Bra on 15 - 18 September.

Living With Animals – Conferences at Cheese

The breeding animals, and the breeding itself, are extinct. And so? On the one hand, the problem is that no one seems to be aware of this extinction: neither the industry professionals nor the ordinary citizens.

What Does An Affineur Do? Interview With Hervé Mons

Since many editions, Cheese counts on a few fixed guests that are important characters of the international dairy scene. Among them, it would be wrong not to mention Hervé Mons fromager and affineur. He opened his first shop in 1983 in Roanne in the heart of Loire, and his aging rooms are located in Saint-Haon-le-Chate. We took advantage of the opportunity to enter the cells that guard his cheeses, and asked him a few questions.

Revival of Montébore

"For us the story of Montébore's revival began in 1999, when I and my companion Agata were members of Slow Food and, along with Maurizio Fava, rediscovered the production method by asking the old people of the country. It was Carolina Bracco who prepared us the five forms we presented at Cheese at the Gavi Condotta's stand. Its success was impressive, as were the controversy and the discussions in the valley. We came home full of pride and began to do the first trials at my grandfather's farm, until after the renovation, we started the dairy and the real revival of Montébore, which immediately became a Slow Food Presidium."

What Is at Stake When We Talk About Raw Milk?

After 20 years of struggle, a strong political signal to create a network of those who continue to produce raw milk cheese, despite the difficulties. From the first edition, Cheese was alongside producers who went against the current by choosing to work with raw milk instead of pasteurized. Raw milk was the theme of the 1997 edition, and since then we have never abandoned it. In 2001, we signed the Manifesto for the protection of raw milk, while last year alone was the petition called for "saving" Joe Schneider, one of England's finest cheesemakers, and his raw milk Stilton.

What is New for Raw Milk? – Interview with Jason Hinds

We meet Jason Hinds in Bra. He is the sales director and owner of the place founded in 1997, and is specialized in English cheeses sold in the UK and the rest of the world. We take advantage of the occasion to meet him and talk to him on the hot topics of Cheese 2017.

Tyranny of Mushrooms – Dinner Date with Régis Marcon

In Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, an evergreen plateau of Haute-Loire and a three-star Michelin that serves the bests of the infinite varieties of mushrooms turned into delicious meals. Régis Marcon is one of our guest of honors at Cheese 2017.

Taste Workshops at Cheese

Talk to producers, find out more about your favorite cheeses—maybe even make some new favorites: all this and more at the Taste Workshops in the Cheese 2017 program. We have 40 events around Bra and Pollenzo, for anyone who wants to try new foods and drinks, learn more about their characteristics and hear their stories from the people who make them