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Traditional Lambic: The Queen of Naturalness

Lambic is unlike most beers. While most brewers don’t like to leave things up to chance, Lambic producers do not select any yeasts, working with spontaneous fermentation. This beer is entirely a work of nature. Nowadays, Lambic beer survives but is still quite rare. Only two breweries produce it according to the traditional method, and you can get to taste it at Cheese at the workshop the Queen of Naturalness on the 16th of September.

Taste Workshops at Cheese

Talk to producers, find out more about your favorite cheeses—maybe even make some new favorites: all this and more at the Taste Workshops in the Cheese 2017 program. We have 40 events around Bra and Pollenzo, for anyone who wants to try new foods and drinks, learn more about their characteristics and hear their stories from the people who make them