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Cheeses of Far Lands at the Biodiversity House

The Biodiversity House was still busy today hosting the representatives of a vast dairy biodiversity across the world that we want to promote here at Cheese. Today we had cheeses of far lands, from Africa and Ukraine to South Africa and Australia.

What Does An Affineur Do? Interview With Hervé Mons

Since many editions, Cheese counts on a few fixed guests that are important characters of the international dairy scene. Among them, it would be wrong not to mention Hervé Mons fromager and affineur. He opened his first shop in 1983 in Roanne in the heart of Loire, and his aging rooms are located in Saint-Haon-le-Chate. We took advantage of the opportunity to enter the cells that guard his cheeses, and asked him a few questions.

Tyranny of Mushrooms – Dinner Date with Régis Marcon

In Saint-Bonnet-le-Froid, an evergreen plateau of Haute-Loire and a three-star Michelin that serves the bests of the infinite varieties of mushrooms turned into delicious meals. Régis Marcon is one of our guest of honors at Cheese 2017.