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Not Just Hops: Herbs and Spices in Brewing

A recent trend in gastronomy is that of foraging for wild herbs, flowers and roots to highlight seasonality and regional biodiversity. The use of herbs, shrubs and forest fruit as flavorings has been one of the main characteristics of brewing for centuries. The first alcoholic drinks, similar to what we call beer today, were already intensely scented with herbs, honey and spices.

Eight Occasions to Drink Well at Cheese

We chose eight occasions for you to drink well - and responsibly - at Cheese 2017. You'll find local wines, sparkling wines, rums and cocktails. Pairing drinks and cheese is an important tangible tradition of Italian gastronomic heritage. Pairing events always had an important role at Cheese. It couldn't be otherwise, considering the origins of the Slow Food Movement, and the territory that hosts Cheese - the city of Bra set between Langhe and Roero hills, both home to the greatest wines.

Pleasure of Beer at Cheese: Wood-Aged Beers

Wood has been a material of privilege for thousand of years. Today, since steel and glass make up most of the production, the use of wooden barrels seems strange. Modern inventions made for the sole purpose of emulating the world of wine, is much more enthusiastic about this material.

Taste Workshops at Cheese

Talk to producers, find out more about your favorite cheeses—maybe even make some new favorites: all this and more at the Taste Workshops in the Cheese 2017 program. We have 40 events around Bra and Pollenzo, for anyone who wants to try new foods and drinks, learn more about their characteristics and hear their stories from the people who make them

Paired for You: Wine and Cheese at Cheese

The Taste Workshops will take place in the historical cellars of the Wine Bank in Pollenzo, located just a few kilometers from Bra. These eight workshops we offer will pair the best Italian wines with various important cheeses.