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From Banker to Cheesemaker – Interview by Carlo Petrini

Two bankers decide to produce an excellent Castelmagno. It happened in the homonymous village of Val Grana, in the province of Cuneo, which gives birth to this great cheese of a thousand-year-old tradition.

Revival of Montébore

"For us the story of Montébore's revival began in 1999, when I and my companion Agata were members of Slow Food and, along with Maurizio Fava, rediscovered the production method by asking the old people of the country. It was Carolina Bracco who prepared us the five forms we presented at Cheese at the Gavi Condotta's stand. Its success was impressive, as were the controversy and the discussions in the valley. We came home full of pride and began to do the first trials at my grandfather's farm, until after the renovation, we started the dairy and the real revival of Montébore, which immediately became a Slow Food Presidium."

Taste Workshops at Cheese

Talk to producers, find out more about your favorite cheeses—maybe even make some new favorites: all this and more at the Taste Workshops in the Cheese 2017 program. We have 40 events around Bra and Pollenzo, for anyone who wants to try new foods and drinks, learn more about their characteristics and hear their stories from the people who make them

The Challenge of Natural Cheese

Cheese is life, cheese is emotion. If we pasteurize milk and use selected cultures we lose all this. Let’s conserve natural way of producing that respects the environment, and gives us emotions.