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Three Turkish Cheeses That Might Go Extinct

As food-safety regulations are increasingly designed to suit big businesses, protecting a cheese that was wrapped around animal skins and aged in a cave requires some courage. Many peculiar Turkish cheeses are in desperate need of a trademark.

Four Endangered Italian Sheep You Should Know About

Maybe it is not the favorite of most dairy lovers, but sheep's milk beats cow’s milk in terms of its nutritional value and cheese yields. Sheep’s milk contains much higher levels of protein, iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B12 – a key vitamin for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Some famous sheep cheeses include feta, Roquefort and pecorino Romano. But there’s a much richer and lesser known sheep’s cheese heritage in Italy, and this heritage exists partly thanks to the diversity of Italian sheep breeds.

On Pastures, No Internet – Interview by Carlo Petrini

Denis Duclos is a 23-year-old agricultural entrepreneur. He lives with his parents in Gignod, five minutes to Aosta Valley. These days he is in Pra d'Arc pastures where he produces a truly special Fontina.

Cheese and Health: Two Sides Of The Same Caciotta

But what approach allows us to combine taste and health, without dragging us towards the marketing-oriented dairy products? Can we achieve a balanced supply to our needs by choosing only quality products? We discussed it with Andrea Pezzana, dietitian and nutritionist at the San Giovanni Bosco Hospital in Turin and health responsible of Slow Food Italy:

Infographics: Pasteurization, Raw Milk and PDOs

The process was named "pasteurization" in honor of the French scientist and, oddly enough, its first practical applications involved wine, vinegar and beer. Pasteur never performed experiments on milk. It was only in 1886 that a German chemist Franz von Soxhlet did so to ensure children healthier milk than that being sold on the market.

Four Endangered Italian Cow Breeds You Should Know About

We all can name a few Italian cheeses. But how many of us can name the cows they come from? In 1985, the Italian Registry Office for native breeds listed sixteen breeds in need of protection. Many of them are already on board the Ark of Taste or form Presidia, and Slow Food promotes their cheeses through events like Cheese.

What Is at Stake When We Talk About Raw Milk?

After 20 years of struggle, a strong political signal to create a network of those who continue to produce raw milk cheese, despite the difficulties. From the first edition, Cheese was alongside producers who went against the current by choosing to work with raw milk instead of pasteurized. Raw milk was the theme of the 1997 edition, and since then we have never abandoned it. In 2001, we signed the Manifesto for the protection of raw milk, while last year alone was the petition called for "saving" Joe Schneider, one of England's finest cheesemakers, and his raw milk Stilton.

Four Conferences Not To Miss At Cheese

At Cheese we pursue the pleasure of knowledge, as well as the pleasure of taste. Beyond the hundreds of cheeses on offer through the event, there opportunities to learn and to discover through discussion and debate.

Raw in the USA – American Raw Milk Cheeses at Cheese

The eleventh edition of Cheese focuses on raw milk cheeses from the United States with a selection of fifteen cheeses at the Great Hall of Cheese on via Garibaldi, and four stands on Selezionatori & Affineur Avenue where you will find products from Oregon, Vermont, Virginia and Wisconsin.