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The Future of Artisan Cheese in the United States

American artisan cheese producers lack sufficient support in the battle of diffusing raw milk cheeses, and promoting quality and biodiversity, two wider concerns closely linked to the use of raw milk. Years ago, the Presidium for American raw milk cheeses was founded and it has been revived in the last few years. David Remolds of Rogue Creamery had initiated the raw milk movement and started the Presidium in collaboration with Slow Food. It took him three years before he received permission to make raw milk cheese. In 2003 Gourmet Foods International joined Cheese with the intention of creating an American artisan cheese presence at the event. There’s still long road to go, but Cheese 2017 gave great support by putting American raw milk cheeses in the spotlight. “Isn’t raw milk like a difficult horse to tame?” Giuseppe Licitra, professor of Products of Animal Origin at the Univesrity of Catania, Italy: “Yes, […]

The State of Raw Milk in the United States

“It’s impossible to sell raw milk cheese in the US if it hasn’t been aged for more than sixty days, a law from 1947,” said Nora Weiser, opening one of the most important conferences of Cheese to discuss the state of raw milk cheese production in the US.

The State of Raw Milk

Slow Food launches an international network of mutual aid to help raw milk cheese producers and confront their common challenges together.

Spanish Delights Not to Miss at Cheese

No, Spain is not the host country of Cheese this year but, after the country's success at the 2015 event, this year Spanish sheep's milk cheese producers will be out in full force among the Market's stalls, so much so that we recommend that you to start your visit to Cheese with the products of this country.

Four Simple Tips for Choosing Good Raw Milk Cheese

We now know that in the 1960s the sugar industry paid scientists to demonize fat. What if the corruption is still going on, and in another 20 years new “facts” will come to light? How can we trust the purchasing choices we are making, when we are constantly exposed to contradicting opinions?

Three Turkish Cheeses That Might Go Extinct

As food-safety regulations are increasingly designed to suit big businesses, protecting a cheese that was wrapped around animal skins and aged in a cave requires some courage. Many peculiar Turkish cheeses are in desperate need of a trademark.

Four Endangered Italian Sheep You Should Know About

Maybe it is not the favorite of most dairy lovers, but sheep's milk beats cow’s milk in terms of its nutritional value and cheese yields. Sheep’s milk contains much higher levels of protein, iron, calcium, folic acid, and vitamin B12 – a key vitamin for the functioning of the brain and nervous system. Some famous sheep cheeses include feta, Roquefort and pecorino Romano. But there’s a much richer and lesser known sheep’s cheese heritage in Italy, and this heritage exists partly thanks to the diversity of Italian sheep breeds.

On Pastures, No Internet – Interview by Carlo Petrini

Denis Duclos is a 23-year-old agricultural entrepreneur. He lives with his parents in Gignod, five minutes to Aosta Valley. These days he is in Pra d'Arc pastures where he produces a truly special Fontina.