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International Rules: Ireland vs Australia

What do Ireland and Australia have in common? Well, besides being English-speaking islands with small populations, they also have similar sports. So similar, in fact, are Australian rules football and Gaelic football, that since 1967 the two countries have occasionally played each other in a hybrid version of their games which they call International Rules.

The Milky Way – Cheese from the Camino de Santiago

It all started at Cheese. Thats' how Pascual Cabaño of the Asturian dairy Rey Silo describes the birth of Alimentos del Camino de Santiago, one of the first Slow Food communities in Spain. "The history of our community is closely linked to Slow Food and Cheese. I've been coming to Cheese with Rey Silo since 2011. The event filled me with so much enthusiasm that in 2013 I convinced a group of Asturian cheesemakers to share a stand, imagining that we'd present ourselves together as Asturias for Cheese. Just as were getting ready to leave a herders' cooperative from the Basque country called me and told me they were ready to come with us to Bra too. They asked me if they could share our stand, and I was very happy to say yes!"

Say Cheese! – Spotlight on British cheese

Cheese is an essential part of British culture, yet the way it is produced, and by whom, has changed substantially in recent times. Nowadays the vast majority of British cheese is produced industrially with pasteurized milk, selected starter cultures and a long chain of middle-men between the farm and the table. To fight this trend, Cheese 2019 will gather British raw milk cheeses producers who are living proof of a courageous resistance to industrial logic.

The secret ingredient: microbial cultures

Microbial cultures are the secret ingredient of every cheese. An invisible ingredient, so small that you won't find it signalled on the label, yet it's one of vital importance.

Saras del Fen and the Waldensian valleys

Val Chisone on one side, Val Pellice on the other. Behind Pinerolo begin the the Waldensian Valleys, a borderland with long-lasting traditions and a strong identity. Among their typical products is Saras del Fen, an aged ricotta wrapped in hay.

Have faith in microorganisms! Interview with David Asher

"When the milk is taken warm from the udder, it has an incredible quantity of microorganisms which are there for a reason!” A good fresh raw milk, if treated correctly, can ferment on its own thanks to the rich culture of microorganisms present in it." The battle for raw milk is really a battle for biodiversity and Slow Food is not alone in this fight. Every two years at Cheese we strengthen alliances with others who share our vision of the world. One of these people is David Asher, an organic farmer, cheesemaker and cheese educator based on the gulf islands of British Columbia in Canada.

Cheese is life, cheese is emotion – The reasons for natural cheese

At Cheese 2019 it's not just natural cheeses under the spotlight, but charcuterie, bread and wines with minimal chemical intervention. It's not always an easy concept to explain, but we'll frame it in terms of the Slow Food philosophy in a few different ways: in a cycle of conferences on the theme "Natural is Possible",  at the space dedicated to small-scale fermier producers, and in our Taste Workshops.

Made in Quebec with Bobby Grégoire

Bobby Gregoire is a man driven by a singular yet complex goal: to improve the relationship we have with the food we eat and the people who make it. He’s the co-founder of L’Atelier du Goût, Quebec’s first school for sustainable food, as well as a founding member of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance in Canada. At Cheese 2019, he will be presenting a special Taste Workshop combining raw milk cheese and artisanal gin, all Made in Quebec.

Living with goats: pastures, cheese and dreams in motion with Gian Vittorio Porasso

Gian Vittorio Porasso lives and works in Castelnuovo di Ceva, a town close to Piedmont's southern border with Liguria. Here, he raises over a hundred Roccaverano breed goats (an animal on the Ark of Taste) and makes different kinds of cheese with their milk. He tells us about his life of sacrifice, poetry, dreams and choices.

Professional affineur: Hervé Mons and the daily care of cheese

Widely recognized internationally for his savoir-faire, Hervé Mons was awared the prestigious Meilleur Ouvrier de France (Best French Craftsmen) in 2000, and is a veteran of past editions of Cheese. As one of the stars of the international market and Taste Workshop programs, Hervé is a great inspiration to the world of cheesemaking and affinage.