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Flavors of the Camino de Santiago: On the Path from Tradition to Innovation

The cheesemaking tradition of the Iberian Peninsula is sometimes overlooked, as people tend to associate the greatest cheeses with countries like France, Italy, and Switzerland. But this is a mistake: Cheesemaking evolved among pastoral communities, and Spain, one of the most mountainous countries in Europe (Madrid is the highest European capital), has an incredibly rich pastoral tradition and a variety of landscapes, ecosystems, and cultural traditions that have given rise to a great diversity of cheeses.

Bryndza: the first Slow Food Presidium in Slovakia

Slovakia, an independent republic since 1993, holds the unusual distinction of being the only country at Cheese 2019 which is younger than most of its cheesemakers. Of course, Slovakia’s dairy traditions stretch back hundreds if not thousands of years. The national dish, Bryndzové halušky, resembles gnocchi in a cheese sauce, and the cheese used to make it, bryndza, was traditionally made from sheep’s milk in the Carpathian Mountains.

#Cheese19: Natural is Possible

We’re finally ready! The program for #Cheese19 is online, and there’s a little over 80 days until the event starts in Bra, from September 20-23. Now, as it’s not possible to give you an exhaustive itinerary in this article, we’ll limit ourselves to two important pillars of the event: the international protagonists of the Taste Workshops, and the three big conferences dedicated to the theme of Cheese 2019: Natural is Possible.