International Rules: Ireland vs Australia

Mon 19 August 2019

What do Ireland and Australia have in common? Well, besides being English-speaking islands with small populations, they also have similar sports. So similar, in fact, are Australian rules football and Gaelic football, that since 1967 the two countries have occasionally played each other in a hybrid version of their games which they call International Rules.


The Dark Side of the Cheese

Wed 14 August 2019

It's that time. Up until now we've only shared with you the very best: raw milk cheese, artistic affinage, the finest expressions of cow, goat and sheep's milk.  But speaking of "cheese", there are some products out there that seem to come from a different planet altogether. Today we're going to show you the other side of the coin, a River of Styx where liquid cheese runs in the place of lava. Abandon all hope ye who enter here.


Cheese FAQ

Tue 13 August 2019

La Fromagerie of London answers some of the most common questions people have about cheese.