Dinner Dates at Cheese 2019

Wed 17 July 2019

We've got four beautiful dinner dates lined up in Pollenzo this year. As ever, there's a mix of Michelin-starred chefs and members of the Slow Food Chefs' Alliance who'll astound and astonish us with unique dishes and pairings. 


Andrea Riboni: from Pollenzo to Veneto reinventing traditions

Tue 16 July 2019

At 6 years old, left alone for a moment in his aunt's coffee shop, Andrea Riboni tried to make an espresso without actually using any coffee, much to the amusement of the unlucky customer who'd decided to put their faith in this enterprising child who dreamed of becoming the Pope.Delusions of grandeur? Far from it, according to one of the young protagonists of Cheese 2019 whose story we share today.


The wonder of Macagn, the mountain cheese of Valsesia

Sat 13 July 2019

Emanuela Ceruti, procuer of macagn, works in the Valsesia valley of the Piedmontese Alps together with her husband Livio, mother-in-law Angelina and her children Marco and Greta. It's a hard life, dictated by the times of the animals and of milk, which are having to adapt to the changing climate.