Chefs are central to Slow Food events and projects. Across the world, knowledgeable cooks are the guardians of our gastronomic traditions, innovators of ingenious culinary techniques and the disciples of food culture.

Using their head and hands, chefs use recipes to tell stories of lands, animals and people, teaching us more about our own cultures and taking us on journeys of discovery.

There’s no shortage of chefs at Cheese, where they play a vital role as educators, promoters, and a bridge between herders, cheesemakers, affineurs and conscious consumers.



In the kitchens of the Garden Restaurant at the Agenzia di Pollenzo and at the Academic Tables of the University of Gastronomic Sciences, three teams of chefs are ready to offer their unique interpretations of the world of cheese:


Eugenio Boer, half-Italian and half-Dutch, is a free agent for the occasion. He’s been cooking since he was 13, a long apprenticeship that saw him work with some of the big names in European cuisine: Alberto Rizzo in Palermo, Kolja Kleeberg in Berlin, Gaetano Trovato in Colle Val d’Elsa, Norbert Niederkofler in Val Badia. In 2017 he won a Michel star for his work at L’Essenza (Milan), and since 2018  he’s been running his own place, Bu:r. A guest of Pastificio di Martino, Boer brings four different cheesy pasta dishes for the occasion.


“Our” chefs will be present at the Taste Workshop, many of them part of the Slow Food Cooks’ Alliance, who’ll enrich the tasting of dairy products with their creations: