Dinner Dates at Cheese 2019

We’ve got four beautiful dinner dates lined up in Pollenzo this year.

As ever, there’s a mix of Michelin-starred chefs and members of the Slow Food Chefs’ Alliance who’ll astound and astonish us with unique dishes and pairings. 


This year all our Dinner Dates will be held in Pollenzo, at the Garden Restaurant of the Agenzia or at the Academic Tables – the canteen of the University of Gastronomic Sciences.

A Dinner Date at Cheese 2017.


Friday September 20

On Friday evening we start with three alumni of the University of Gastronomic Sciences who’ll light up the Garden Restaurant in Back to the future: return of the alumni. Having finished their university experience, they decided to put their studies into action in osterias—all featured in the Slow Food guide Osterie d’Italia—reinventing their kitchens with fresh ideas, exceptional raw ingredients and technical skills behind the stove. This unmissable dinner is your chance to sample cuisine from three different Italian regions: the Ostreria of the Pavesi brothers in Podenzano, Emilia-Romagna, Cascina Lago Scuro run by Luca Grazielli and his family in Stagno Lombardo, Lombardy, and Andrea Riboni’s Locanda Solagna in Quero Vas, Veneto.

Meanwhile at the Academic Tables we’re Getting the goat: from meat to cheese, we present a collaborative dinner focused on goat cheese and goat meat, presented by James Whetlor of Cabrito and Alessandro Grano of La Formagerie in the UK. On one side we have James Whetlor, who started his project Cabrito to educate people about consuming ‘kid’ goat meat and to reintroduce “waste” products from British dairy production back into the food system. On the other, we leave you in the capable hands of Alessandro Grano of La Fromagerie, who brings his careful focus on seasonality and high-quality ingredients from London to Bra via Puglia.

Sunday September 22

On Sunday Tradition is innovation, with Italo-Dutch chef Eugenio Boer. He’s preparing a dinnerbased on the forms of milk and pasta, from amuse-bouche to dessert, in collaboration with Pastificio Di Martino. After honing his skills in some of Europe’s finest kitchens, Boer earned his first Michelin star in Milan in the restaurant which bears his name, where he offers a balanced, sophisticated and elegant cuisine.

Monday September 23

We close proceedings on Monday with the flavors and aromas of our local valleys, exploring a simple yet dense concept: Behind every cheese there’s grass. Here we’ll appreciate the rich aromas and nutrients which are naturally conferred to the milk of the animals who graze in the Maritime Alps, characterized by an extraordinary floral variety among the ridges, meadows and rocky landscapes of “our” mountains. To interpret this heritage we have the chefs of Reis – Cibo libero di montagna, Il Nazionale, Lou Pitavin, La Fame and the Locanda del Falcowho’ve all made the mountains of Cuneo a gastronomic destination.

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