The health & safety measures in force have been agreed between the City of Bra, Slow Food and Provincial Committee for Public Safety.

As stipulated by Italian Law Decree no. 105 of July 23, 2021, it will be only be possible to participate in Cheese 2021 and all the activities contained therein if you have a Digital COVID Certificate (also known as a Green Pass). Law enforcement officers and members of the Slow Food staff may ask visitors to show their Green Pass together with an ID document in order to access the different event areas.

During the opening hours of the event the entire zone will be completely closed to vehicle traffic, including residents, with 13 entrance checkpoints that will allow for the passage of emergency vehicles where necessary.

Outside the opening hours of the event, the entrance checkpoints will function as traffic control measures to avoid congestion. Shuttle buses will connect the center of Bra with parking lots around the periphery, transport both visitors and residents.

The use of a face mask covering the nose and mouth is mandatory within the event area.

The consumption of food and drinks in glass containers is not allowed outside designated areas, bars, restaurants and their seating areas. Large backpacks, selfie sticks, helmets and offensive objectives cannot enter the event area where, to protect public safety, checks may be carried out by law enforcement officers.

More than 50 easily-identifiable staff members will oversee the safety of the event, giving assistance where needed to avoid large gathering. A Control Room of the Municipal Police will be in operation in Via Moffa di Lisio, constantly in contact with the event staff, while a loudspeaker system will allow for important messages to be communicated to the public where necessary.

There is also an emergency first aid plan in operation, with 5 points with defibrillators and qualified medical staff on hand, as well as 8 other first aid points staffed by volunteers. The coordination of all first aid operations will be handled by the Control Room of the Municipal Police in Via Moffa di Lisio.