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Bra, Italy

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Is there a better way to finish a meal than a slice of blue cheese? Probably not.  

A marbled cheese—like gorgonzola, for example—is a cheese whose form presents streaks of green or blue mold of the Penicillium roqueforti variety. The sensory profile ofs marbled and bloomy rind cheeses are strongly influenced by their molds, which are inoculated during the cheesemaking process and which work actively throughout the cheese, radically modifying its structure.

Marbling is typical of some great cheeses like stilton, roquefort (from which the mold takes its Latin name), gorgonzola and other blue cheeses from around Europe with unique flavors and aromas. 

When you have the perfect accompaniment, of course, success is guaranteed. Beers offer an extraordinary opportunity in this respect, particular barley wines with their intense caramel tones, imperial stouts with their toasted, licorice feel and some clear beers aged in barrels. In this workshop we’ll discover some fascinating combos. 

Buy your Taste Workshop ticket now and prepare to experience all the goodness that cheese can offer! Come and discover the multiple connections between the animal kingdom and the work of herders, cheesemakers and affineurs. Tickets are on sale online until September 16. During the days of the event any free places will be on sale at the Event Reception. 

In line with current regulations, the events at Cheese 20201 are reserved exclusively for visitors in possession of an EU Digital COVID Certificate (also known as a Green Pass).

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Piemonte - Bra, Palazzo Traversa
Via Serra - Bra (Italy)

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