21 September

Ark of Taste cheeses and European Presidia

Bra-Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino

To date there are over 450 cheeses and dairy products on board the Ark of Taste, coming from every continent, and 102 Presidia dedicated to the world of milk and cheesemaking.

In this workshop we offer a small panorama of Ark of Taste cheeses and European Presidia cheeses.

We’ll taste:

  • Spain: Tupi (Ark of Taste), a traditional fermented cheese made in the Catalonian Pyrenees. It is prepared using sheep milk, aguardiente (or another strong liquor) and olive oil. These are mixed and left to ferment in a small clay jars called tupi, from which the cheese takes its name.
  • United Kingdom: Artisanal Somerset Cheddar (Slow Food Presidium), produced with raw cow’s milk, it has a has a richly moldy brownish gray rind and an intensely hay-yellow curd. The texture is firm yet buttery, and the curd has flavors of caramelized milk, hazelnut, and bitter herbs. Today only three dairies make produce it using the traditional technique.
  • Norway: Pultost (Slow Food Presidium), a sour milk cheese made from cow’s milk without the use of rennet. The milk is skimmed immediately after milking, while it is still warm. Adding a self-produced culture of old strains of lactic bacteria starts the acid coagulation. Traditionally the maturation took place in wooden containers called nøler. The unique taste of pultost results from the addition of salt and caraway seeds, which stop the process of fermentation.

The cheeses will be accompanied by Lesachtal Bread (Slow Food Presidium) and Chardonnay “Vigna San Francesco” Perricone “Guarnaccio”; Grillo “Mozia” and Syrah “La Monaca” by Tasca d’Almerita, Sicily.

Event bookable online until 12 pm on September 19. For bookings during the event, check availability at the Events Reception.

Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino: Via Fratelli Carando, 43.

21 September

16:00 - 17:15

Aula Laboratori | Workshop Rooms
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