Campania and Basilicata: grapes and milk from the South of Italy 


Pollenzo, Italy

September 17th at 18:00 in your time zone

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A journey across the south to explore the Aglianico grape, a red varietal found mostly in the regions of Campania and Basilicata. 

We’ll taste Aglianico del Vulture, a variety of Aglianico from Basilicata here represented by Grifalco, Aglianico del Taburno by Fontanavecchia, Irpinia Aglianico by Pietracupa, and Cilento Aglianico by Luigi Maffini. An itinerary that takes us through some of the finest red wine denominations in the south of Italy. 

To pair, we have caciocavallo and mozarellas from the same regions. From Mozzarella in Myrtle, Slow Food Presidium, a fresh caciocavallo made with raw cow milk; Basilicata Caciocavallo Podolico, which is subject to long aging periods, especially for the larger forms that weigh from four to eight kilos; and a caciocavallo from Campania by Latterie Gargiulo of Gragnano. 

Buy your Taste Workshop ticket now and prepare to experience all the goodness that cheese can offer! Come and discover the multiple connections between the animal kingdom and the work of herders, cheesemakers and affineurs. Tickets are on sale online until September 16. During the days of the event any free places will be on sale at the Event Reception. 

In line with current regulations, the events at Cheese 20201 are reserved exclusively for visitors in possession of an EU Digital COVID Certificate (also known as a Green Pass).

Cover image Mozzarella in the Myrtle, Slow Food Presidium, Campania | Ph. Slow Food Archive

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Piemonte - Pollenzo, Wine Bank
Piazza Vittorio Emanuele II, 13 - Pollenzo (Italy)

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