21 September

Dinner with the Gastro-education Community of Etnea

Bra-Società Gastronomica

When Sicilians sit down to dinner there’s a total change of spirit. Abundance and pleasure become hard and fast rules, in the dishes and in the concept of conviviality.

We invite you to a Sicilian dinner, a Sicily of flexible, evolving recipes, a Sicily which represents a cuisine at the service of pleasure. Accompanied by the UNISG Alumni Ambassador Mario Traina, the protagonists of this evening are Simone Furnari, Luana Torre, Jennifer Porto and Domenico Di Grazia of the Slow Food Gastro-Education Community of Etnea, who share their vision of Sicily through the power of food.

The dinner will be held at the Società Gastronomica in Strada Montenero, 42, Bra.

Price: €30, or €25 for Slow Food members. Info and bookings: condotta@studenti.unisg.it

21 September

21:00 - 23:00