22 September

Cheesemaker resistance in Europe

Bra-Scuole Maschili Courtyard

Under pressure both to conserve tradition and to modernize, our custodians of dairy biodiversity are at risk of extinction.

Here we take a journey through Europe to meet the first Slovakian Presidium, Bryndza 1787, a traditional pastoral production which represents part of the gastronomic heritage of central Europe, as similar cheeses are found across a wide area.  There’s a Ukrainian variation on the Ark of Taste which will presented by Hutsul shepherds. We continue onwards with the battle for raw milk which is ongoing in Russia and cheesemaking in Scandinavia.


Carolina Modena, Slow Food


Anna Kováčiková, Bryndza 1787 Presidium producer (Slovakia)

Irina Demyanyuk, coordinator of Cheese campaign in Ukraine

Maxim Sobolev, cheesemaker (Russia)

Anders Westberg, producer and project manager of Levande Ost (Sweden)

Ilhan Koçulu, Boğatepe Gravyer Presidium coordinator (Turkey)

Free entry while seats last.

22 September

15:00 - 16:30

Casa della Biodiversità | Biodiversity House