20 September

Conserving traditions or just marketing? PDOs and PGIs in Europe

Bra-Scuole Maschili Courtyard

Does the European system of geographic indications (PDOs and PGIs) help cheese and charcuterie production or limit it? Does it support artisan producers or obstruct them?

Production protocols are fundamental for establishing rules and regulations but, depending on how they’re designed, they may lead to extremely diverse results: either supporting conservation and promotion of small-scale traditional productions or becoming a marketing tool for the food industry and severing links between foods and their places of origin. An investigation by Slow Food on the PDO and PGI schemes in Europe for cheeses and charcuterie reveals a reality which is not always aligned with the original principles of the project.


Yael Pantzer, Slow Food


Maria Teresa Barletta, Slow Food

Branka Tome, DG AGRI, European Commission

Laurent Gomez, AREPO (Association of European Regions for Products of Origin)

Audrius Jokubauskas, producer from the Slow Food network (Lithuania)

Jannie Vestergaard, expert in small-scale food production, Slow Food Copenhagen

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20 September

11:00 - 12:30

Casa della Biodiversità | Biodiversity House