22 September

Ark of Taste, Presidia and cheeses from the Lazio countryside

Bra-Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino

The Lazio countryside is testament to ancient pastoral traditions and a connection with the land that is expressed through unique products.

Among these, the Roman Countryside Caciofiore—made with vegetable rennet obtained from the flowers of green or globe artichokes (Cynara cardunculus o Cynara scolimus)—the Conciato di San Vittore Cheese, characterized by the curing of the crust with around fifteen aromatic and officinalis herbs gathered by hand in the production area.  We also have the Marzolina, matured for months in a glass demijohn under olive oil. From the herb to the rennet to the cheese, we discover the benefits of do-it-yourself cheese production, which starts with the diet and the welfare of the animals all the way up to the in-house production of rennet and the conservation of natural microflora present in raw milk.

We’ll taste:

The cheeses are paired with Maturano IGT and Volumnia biodynamic wines by Danilo Scenna.

Event bookable online until 12 pm on September 19. For bookings during the event, check availability at the Events Reception.

Liceo Scientifico Giolitti – Gandino: Via Fratelli Carando, 43.

22 September

19:00 - 20:15

Aula Laboratori | Workshop Rooms
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